Hutchinson man searching for Good Samaritan who saved his house

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A Hutchinson man is on a mission. He wants to find, and personally thank, the total stranger who saved his house, after the fence 
caught fire and was spreading. 

Full of gratitude...Noel Gates looks at his house through different eyes after receiving a call that almost changed everything.

"There's fire trucks and ambulances in front of the house. And I'm like it can't be my house. Like I said it's never you. They called back about 20 minutes later and said yeah your house is on fire."

Right in the nick of time, a good samaritan passing by, stopped.

After the good samaritan called 9-1-1, they took matters into their own hands, and grabbed a hose until firefighters got there.

"There's a strong possibility that most of my house would have been gone had this person not stopped," says Gates.

For Gates, this home is much more than 4 walls. It's the place where he started a family. 

"Everything I've worked for is right here and this person had enough care to stop and put that out."

Now, he wants to know who he can thank - hitting social media, hoping someone will come forward.

"I want to shake their hand. I want to let them know how much it meant to me and my son."

The information has been so tough to come by, he doesn't even know if the person is a man or a woman. Gates wants them to hear these words.

"Thank you so much. You gave me hope in humanity again. You know, like I said, I could've lost everything that I have."

And for everyone else watching, he hopes they realize there is an important message here.

"There's good people out there. It's not all bad, it's not all evil, there is good out there. And all of those people should shine their light more."

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