Wichita considering 6-level parking garage in downtown Delano District

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The Wichita city council is concerned about parking downtown with the addition of the new baseball stadium and tomorrow morning the council will apply for a federal grant to help build a parking garage.

Jack Kellogg owns Hatman Jacks and his shop has been in the Delano District for years. He like many  business owners says a parking garage will definitely be needed when the new baseball stadium is finished.

"I certainly think that parking garages are very adequate to supply certain needs, such as the ballpark, i think it's great," says Kellogg.

The estimated seventeen million dollar structure would consist of six levels and include office spaces, some retail and more than 500 parking spots.

But not everyone agrees with spending that much money.  Amy Lyon is running for mayor and she's critical of the plan.

"It seems to be very reactionary versus pro-active, so it seems like we're reacting to one bad move after another," says Lyon.

But city council members assure this money will be coming from a federal grant, if approved, and the city will decide on a location benefiting all of downtown.

"Again, we've heard a lot about the congestion in Delano, and these new projects in downtown, and the thing we heard from people is that we'd like for you to look at parking, and that's what we are doing," says Cindy Claycomb.

Kellogg says the Delano advisory committee is meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss the possible parking garage, but he is hopeful the city will remember the businesses in the area.

"I think there's always a little backlash in Wichita in terms of spending a great deal of money on parking, but, yet it's one of the biggest concerns," says Kellogg, "we all hope for the best and i really hope that's what we get."

This multi-motile location will also include a bus station if the federal grant is approved later this fall.

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