Wichita police promote educational program for firearm ownership and storage

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The Wichita Police Department is promoting their partnership with the national organization Project ChildSafe. The goal of program is to educate people on responsible ownership and secure storage of firearms. 

The police department has 250 firearm safety kits that include a safety brochure and gun lock for local residents to take for free. A gun lock prevents firearms from being fired or even loaded until the padlock is unlocked and the attached cable is removed. 

Firearm safety kits can be picked up at any Wichita Police Department location, and they will re-order kits as necessary. 

With these resources, the police department hopes to provide gun owners with the tools and information they need to keep their guns away from children, at risk individuals, and criminals. 

Wichita Police Lt. Kevin Kochenderfer said that there were 4,000 car thefts in 2018, and 250 of them involved firearms. Law enforcement officers were shot twice, and one was killed. Kochenderfer said this is why the program "hits home" with the police department.

This is not the first time that police have given the safety kits out, but Project ChildSafe is hoping to put more emphasis on the program over the summer when children are running around, sometimes unattended, at home. 

Project ChildSafe has partnered with over 15,000 law enforcement agencies since the National Shooting Sports Foundation developed the program 20 years ago. They have given out 38 million firearm safety kits in all 50 states. 

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