Accident at 183rd and MacArthur renews calls for lighted stop signs

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"I'm not happy with it, at all.  They're looking at some number. I'm looking at the life," said Dean Berg, after another serious accident outside his home sent three people to the hospital.

Sunday's accident at MacArthur and 183rd renewed calls for lighted stop signs, even an offer to pay for them from Berg.

"We have an awful lot of accidents.  I've had truck tires clear up on the front porch," Berg said, pointing at the house behind him. 

This is just the latest accident Berg and his family have watched from their home.

The Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office says a blue truck ran the stop sign and hit a red truck.  Three people went to the hospital, but none had life-threatening injuries.

"That could have been another fatality," Berg said.  "We're just lucky it wasn't.  People just don't see these stop signs."

Last December a car ran the stop sign and hit a semi truck, going up in flames and killing the couple inside.  It took crews 14 hours to clear the scene.
Dean says he can remember many more such accidents.

"I watched this one lady lay out here about six hours, (an) elderly lady lay out here dead...waiting for the coroner," Berg said. 

In January the county did a traffic study.  Then  it installed larger stop signs in April.  But those bigger signs came without the  flashing lights Berg and his family want.

The last time KAKE News spoke with the county traffic engineer, he told us he looks for an average of two crashes per million vehicles before considering changes to an intersection.  At that time he estimated about 4,800 vehicles enter the 183rd and MacArthur intersection a day.  That's about 1.7 million a year. 

Meanwhile, just a mile to the west and about a mile and a half to the east of 183rd and MacArthur, other nearby roads crossing MacArthur, one unpaved, do have flashing beacons above stop signs.  

Berg disagrees with the county traffic engineer's reliance on numbers, saying this is about lives. 

"I would just like for them to tell me to cough up the money and we'll put them in, you know, save some lives," he said.

KAKE News was not able to reach anyone with the county for comment on this story.  We'll reach out to them again Monday morning and let you know what they say.

Meanwhile, the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office wants to remind drivers its running extra patrols looking for traffic violations, trying to prevent accidents like Sunday's.

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