Daughters and father spend Father's Day helping the environment


Some people go to the ballpark for a game or out to a nice dinner on Father's Day. One dad and his two daughters spent the day with their Facebook group picking up trash around the Arkansas River Sunday.

Arionna and KcyLynn Tull are founders of the Facebook group they call the Wichita Earth Crew. Their dad Brad Tull joined them and some volunteers Sunday, spending Father's Day a little different from the norm.

"This is just what we do and I love that," said Arionna Tull.

Arionna said she has picked up trash before at other locations with her sister and some volunteers, and that this is something that runs in the family.

"My dad has always really cared about the earth and he's the one who kind of had me go out in the community and pick up trash," she said.

Her dad said he grew up spending time at the lakes, which he said led to today where he spends some personal time picking up trash around the river. This time he got to do so while watching his daughters do something they learned from him over the years.

"It's a good way to spend time," Brad Tull said. "It's nice to be able to see that they're kind of  picking up a little bit of what I'm doing."

Tull said they even got some recognition from people around the river while they were picking up trash.

"They're like 'Hey thank you, appreciate it,' so we're like, 'Just trying to make your experience better, just please take your trash with you when you leave,'."

As they all spent the afternoon together, with others in their group, Arionna said she feels their shared interest has only brought them closer.

"To say that we have something in common that's empowering and better for people is amazing to me he's a great role model and I love that about my dad," she said.

For her dad, he said he loves to see that he's been able to instill something like this in his children, allowing him and them to keep Wichita clean together.

"It's always good to take care of your community," he said. "Help places you like to enjoy yourself so when I'm out there kayaking or we're out there kayaking it's nice to be able to float by and see a clean shoreline."

Arionna said they found a lot of Styrofoam and bottles and it was more polluted than other places they have picked up trash. If you want to help you can join their group on Facebook.