Wins for Kansas: Flinthills Services

Flinthills Services is a community service provider for adults with developmental disabilities, giving residential services, day programs, work programs, and sponsoring Butler County Special Olympics.

"What we're trying to work on, is people with disabilities learn the skills they need to live as independently as possible,” says executive director, Kathy Walter.

As the largest provider of those services in Butler County, their reach goes far beyond just the adults in the program.

"We're very big on community inclusion. It's really important that the community accepts and understands the contribution that people with disabilities can make to their community."

That inclusion goes a long way, making sure the people in the program feel accepted just as they are.

"There was a time in our history in this country where people with disabilities were not as welcome and accepted, and we have worked very hard over the years to make sure that people with disabilities have the same rights as we do, they have the same opportunities, they get to enjoy the same things in life that we have."

To help with their mission, KAKE TV and our partners, DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honored to them as this week's “Wins for Kansas.”