Last nights storm causes near disaster for Valley Center residents


A storm passed through Valley Center leaving damage Friday night due to high winds.

Trees fell in people's front yards, and power lines and poles over train tracks during estimated 70 mph winds. One resident lived right near where a large tree fell and said it put the feeling of fear in her and her family.

"We were scared, we called 911," Aleah Culberson said, a Valley Center resident. "It was dark and we thought it broke that power line."

According to Culberson, ten people were in her home including her children. When they heard a loud crack outside of the home, they looked outside.

"We opened that door and it just flew open and we looked and the tree was down and like all the lights were out so it was dark," she said.

The tree landed just inches from their car in the driveway and feet from their home. Culberson said the tree has fallen in the past and hit their home, so they tried to find safety since they thought danger wasn't completely out of the way.

"We thought that part was going to fall so we all like went to the back of the house," she said.

Her and her family are from California. She said the damage she saw today isn't normal there, so when she looked at it today she said she was in disbelief of what mother nature can do in the mid west.

"That's crazy though that that wind broke that," she said.

The wind broke more than trees as several power poles and their lines were down across train tracks down the street from Culberson's home. This left residents like Michael Miller without power for almost 12 hours.

"Grabbed some flashlights, didn't know how bad it was until this morning got up and saw power lines down across the railroad tracks probably for about a half mile here," Miller said.

The power lines are just across the street from where he lives. He said his power turned back on Saturday morning, right before they were about to turn on their generator. He said he is thankful his power is back on and his son is safe who lives down the street and had damage, but he said they were lucky because it could have been worse.

"It looks like we lucked out really," he said.