Kansas police officer honored for saving choking 3-year-old boy’s life

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A fast-acting northeast Kansas police officer is being called a hero for saving the life of a young boy who was choking on a hotdog. 

Officer Austin Ashe with the Spring Hill Police Department was honored in front of his peers, friends and family before Thursday's city council meeting. The 3-year-old boy, Silas, even presented him with a life-saving blue ribbon, WDAF reports. 

“I appreciate the honor and recognition, but it’s part of my daily duties to respond to stuff like this and help the community," Ashe said.

The boy's mother called 911 the evening of May 13.

"We were eating dinner in front of the TV, and he made a gasp sound, and he literally went limp," Silas' mother, Heidi Ellis, told the Kansas City Fox station.

Officer Ashe answered the call within minutes and sprang into action, administering back strikes to dislodge the food. Silas began to breathe and cry. 

“There wasn’t any time to think. It wasn’t something I had time to think about. 'Hey, what am I going to do in this situation?' It was just a matter of pulling up to the situation and reacting," Ashe said.

"The fact that he was there -- he was an angel to my son," Ellis said. "If he wasn’t there, I don’t know if we had him."

The mayor of Spring Hill said said the officer's quick-thinking is a testament to the uniform he wears.

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