Wichita man loses dog to hawk, warns neighbors

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"We never thought it'd happen. Not to our dog. Who thinks that if you let your dog out to use the restroom, they'll get mutilated," says Rodney Nicks.

The unthinkable happened to Rodney Nicks' dog, Ciary. What started out as a routine Tuesday morning near Edgemoor and Mt. Vernon quickly turned into a nightmare.

"There was a trail of blood leading into the house. She ran to her bed. My fiancé looked at her and said oh my god. She had been split open," says Nicks.

They rushed her to the emergency vet, but it was too late.

"He examined her and she couldn't be saved. He did come out and said this wasn't caused by a rabbit, a squirrel, a skunk or a opossum. This was caused by a bird with talons that ripped her open," says Nicks.

A hawk is believed to be the culprit of the killing. Now Rodney is warning nearby neighbors to be aware and watchful of your pets.

"Because of the flooding last month in May, predators are coming inward. These hawks and what not. Well these hawks are following food. Ciary has the coat of a rabbit. She's a very small dog."

Nicks next door neighbor Rosalle Scockham, now on edge, is scared to even take out her dog, Cooper.

"He perched himself on the branch right there just watching my dogs. I don't feel safe with them here," says Scockham.

Nicks has made many calls to see if someone can remove the hawks and their nest... but in the meantime, he wants to make one thing very clear.

"If it happens to our dog, it can happen to your dog. I don't know what the city will do about it, but I want the public to be aware."