Motorcycle officers warn Wichita drivers to slow down

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The Wichita Police Department motorcycle unit is making sure drivers are obeying traffic laws.

Within seconds of watching Sgt. Jess Hancock use the LIDAR to know the speeds of drivers, he caught a driver going 17 miles above the speed limit.

"I'm just sitting here and you can instantly see that car was going faster than everybody else out there," said Hancock.

He supervises the motorcycle unit which has 16 motorcycles.

This week alone, drivers have been caught going about 40 miles over the speed limit.

Hancock wants to remind drivers to slow down, buckle up, and avoid texting-and-driving.

He is also reminding drivers to yield to the right.

"Stopping there on the left lane is the most dangerous thing a citizen can do to one of the motor officers," said Hancock.