Off-duty officer, nurse help save 3-year-old after nearly drowning

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A day at the pool turned into a frightening one for a family in the Kansas City area when a 3-year-old nearly drowned in a neighborhood pool.

But thanks to the quick thinking of the child's aunt, an off-duty police officer and a nurse, the girl is OK. 

The incident happened Saturday at Rain Tree Lake Pool in Lee's Summit. Off-duty Independence officer Chad Cox told WDAF that the girl was blue from head to toe, had no pulse and wasn't breathing when the child's great-aunt pulled her from the pool. 

They never gave up hope. 

"I was a nervous wreck. My adrenaline was pumping, my hands were shaking. But there's no time to think, you just have to jump into action," Southland Regional Care nurse Zandra Gottman said.

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After performing CPR for four minutes, the girl began to spit up water, and Cox rushed her to an ambulance that had just arrived. 

"lt's in me. I think it's in all of us police offers, firefighters, paramedics. It's just where we're at, we're ready to do our job," Cox told the Kansas City Fox station.

Gottman believes this was all divine timing.

"Obviously there was a bigger presence that day at the pool that put Chad and I there and helped save that little girl's life," Gottman said.

The girl's family shaken up but thankful to those who helped.

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