Manager: Vandals keep targeting business in West Wichita

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When Matt Gillenwater came to work at the Kratom City Smoke Shop near 13th and West, he found the window of his business smashed and some of his items inside stolen.

“I honestly thought it was storm damage at first,” he said. “Rain and thunderstorms last night, but then saw the cinder block.”

He went to the store’s surveillance video, which shows just after 4 a.m., two suspects were walking around the store when one picked up a cinder block and smashed the window to get inside. They stole a few items but ran off.

Minutes later, a nearby liquor store caught similar looking suspects standing behind one of the establishments in the area.

It’s something Gillenwater hasn’t worried about before because the area is typically quiet. But it hasn’t been quiet lately.

“There’s been some other breakins in the same shopping center,” he said.

Last Thursday, just before midnight, surveillance video outside Knolla’s showed what looked like teenagers smoking and gathered around the restaurant’s air conditioners. AT one point, one of them climbed on top and ripped off the camera.

“I know it’s the same kids because every business we talk to has the same exact description,” another employee said.

As police work to figure that part out, Gillenwater had a pretty frank message for the suspects.

“Karma will get you,” he said.

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