Rescue groups work to find space for hoarded animals

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Inside the Wichita Animal Shelter, plenty of cats were being kept i kennels with a red x on the sign. That “x” meant they were a cat rescued from an alleged hoarder house.

“I was really surprised at what good condition they were in for the sheer numbers,” said Sarah Coffman, founder and executive director of Wichita Animal Action League. “It is shocking to see this amount of animals."

According to Bel Aire Police, among the animals found:

  • 11 Dogs
  • 81 Cats
  • 2 Chickens
  • 2 Guinea Pigs
  • 7 Gerbils
  • 1 Turtle Dove
  • 14 Norwegian Rats
  • 1 Red Eared Slider
  • 15 Ornate Box Turtles
  • 1 Flag Crown tail Beta Fish

The owner of the home has not been charged with a crime, yet. Police said they’re still looking through evidence before filing charges. Chief Darrell Atteberry only said he believed the homeowner was trying to help animals, when it became too much.

“It seemed she’s a very caring lady who found it difficult to say ‘no’ when somebody needed help,” he told KAKE News on Monday evening.

Police: 135 animals rescued from hoarding situation in Bel Aire

Since the discovery, the response from rescue organizations across the state has been massive.

“If you’ve ever been considering fostering for any organization or adopting a cat, now is the time,” Coffman said.

Rescue groups like Wichita Animal Action League have been helping secure foster homes for some of the cats rescued. Beauties and Beasts was on the scene of the rescue yesterday and various other rescue groups across Wichita and the state have been asked to help, if they can.

If there’s one good piece of news – it’s that many of the animals rescued seem to be in fairly good condition.

“I have not seen many personally that I thought were poorly taken care of,” Coffman said. “I haven’t seen a lot of fleas, some with upper respiratory infection but generally they’ve appeared pretty healthy.”

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