WSU basketball legend gets new roof with the help of Kake On Your Side

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An 86-year-old Shocker basketball legend has been battling with a local contractor to get his money back for almost a year. 

Monday, Kake On Your Side helped him get the money he was owed back. (Previous story here) Now, he's also getting a new roof.

"It's been a whirlwind, but I think we're coming down to the end of it now," says Cleo Littleton.

Littleton says he paid an initial contractor more than $2,000 to fix his roof almost a year ago, but no one showed up to do the work. He tried on his own to get his money back, but he was unsuccessful. 

"He consistently told me that he didn't have the money to do it to take care of it," says Littleton.

That's when a friend called Kake News and we called the contractor, who blamed one of his employees for taking the money without doing the work. The contractor insisted it was not his fault.

"If I knew that he was gonna call the news station, I would have taken care of it no problem," he says.

Less than an hour after our phone call, that same contractor showed up with a check for Littleton for $2,500.

"As you guys found out. he did have the money in the bank, and he paid me all because of you guys," says Littleton.

Even with his money back, Cleo Littleton still needed a roof, so Dingers Roofing and Construction called Kake News and offered to put one on his house for free.

"He's around WSU, he's a legend here. To see someone that's taken advantage of like that, it kind of hits you," says Craig Dingman, one of the company's owners.

Littleton will receive a completely new roof next week free of charge.