The Pratt public pool has closed just two weeks after it opened

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The Pratt city swimming pool has been drained and closed just two weeks after it opened because of multiple complaints from parents., but city officials are hopeful it will re-open soon.

Brandie Osenbaugh takes her kids to the Pratt city swimming pool all summer long. When her son complained of cutting his toes on the bottom of the pool, she was relieved to hear the city is investigating.

"Just a little scrape, nothing big, no big deal. But it makes me happy they're taking the kid's safety into consideration and making sure they are doing everything they can to keep our kids safe and the community."

The public pool closed down and was drained after being open just two weeks this summer season because many children have complained of abrasions on the bottom of their feet.

Pratt city officials say the public pool will be closed for a couple weeks, but there are other options like these small wading pools right up the road.

The public works director says he thinks something blew into the pool causing the injuries and even though the 500,000 gallons of water will have to be re-filled, he is hopeful kids will be swimming again very soon.

"You know water is costly, the chemicals are costly, but in the grand scope of things, when it's a safety issue, money is not really an issue, but I would hope that 2-3 weeks max, if we could identify the problem," says Russell Rambat.

Osenbaugh says she might have to improvise with activities for her kids the next couple of weeks, but the pool's brief closure gives her some peace of mind.

"I would say that I'm definitely happy that they decided to do it and it's going to throw a kink in some plans, but I think it will be worth it in the long run, making sure our kids are safe and taken care of."

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