"To be consistently good:" lessons learned from Big Brothers Big Sisters


Tickets are now on sale for the annual Win a Jeep for Kids' Sake raffle.

Each year, KAKE News partners with Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters and other organizations to raise money for local kids.

John Keating's and Santos Arzola's match is one of hundreds of successful matches through Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Their hangouts are pretty typical: lunch, laughs and some lessons, too.

The two may never have crossed paths, had it not been for their involvement in Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters, starting a few years ago.

"Whenever I was in first grade," Santos remembers.

"Three years, I think," agrees Keating.

Santos got in the BBBS program after seeing his brother get a "big."

John Keating's involvement was more deliberate.

"I have all daughters, and I was raised with all sisters. So I think it's a great program that gives me a chance to deal with some young men and work on some mentoring skills, fill a void for me. It's been a lot of fun," says Keating.

These two will continue their weekly hangouts until Santos graduates high school.

And even then, the hope is the lessons he learns from his "big" will live on.

"To be consistently good," Santos proudly states of Keating's best advice.

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