A final farewell to Zayden Jaynesahkluah

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“Children should always bury their parents, not the other way around,” said Caleb Jaynesahkluah Sunday.  His son, Zayden, died a week ago, just days before his third birthday.

Wichita police say the little boy died at a Wichita motel where he lived with his mother.  His death remains under investigation.

Sunday evening there was laughter and there were tears at O.J. Watson Park as many of those who knew and loved Zayden offered up prayers and a final goodbye.

“It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do,” Caleb said about having to bury his son.  They laid him to rest with his grandfather Saturday.

Sunday, surrounded by family and friends, Caleb said one final farewell to his youngest child.  Most of those gathered at the park with him say they’d had some hand in helping raise Zayden.

They prayed, read poems, then released balloons into the Kansas sky, a message to the little boy they believe is now watching them from heaven that they haven’t forgotten him.

They also shared photos and videos showing Zayden in happier times.  It’s how they want to remember the little boy who was born prematurely, lived with a seizure disorder but was still full of smiles.

Caleb likes to share the  memory of how Zayden loved to upend his football shaped toy box, dumping all the toys out and climbing underneath it to hide.

Memories like these now all they have left to go with the fear of what may have happened to Zayden.  Wichita Police and the Department for Children and Families both confirm ongoing investigations into Zayden‘s death.

Many of those saying goodbye Sunday night believe something happened. Others are waiting on the results of the investigation.

“If my son passed because it was just his own passing, I understand,” Caleb said.  “But if it came back that it was by the fault of a person, I also want that person held accountable.

Police say they’re waiting on the toxicology results from Zayden’s autopsy to figure out exactly what happened the day he died. Family members say they expect to meet with investigators Monday for an update.