Wichita malls using parking lots to draw crowds

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Two malls in Wichita are using their parking lots to draw crowds and shoppers.

Towne West Square is using their north parking lot for their monthly "West Side Food Truck Rally."

"We wanted to do something for the community to bring everyone out together just to hang out and have fun with friends and family. We just thought it was a perfect opportunity because we have the space for it," said Alexa Schreck, marking manager for Towne West.

She helped to organize the first rally last month and said about two thousand people attended.

"It does bring in a lot of shoppers. Our tenants were blown away by the amount of traffic that went inside the mall during the event and after the event. Some of them didn't even get to come outside to get any food 'cause they got swamped," said Schreck.

Towne East Square is hosting the traveling water show called Cirque Italia on their west parking lot. 

Although the two malls are not managed by the same company, Schreck said that malls remain relevant.

"Malls aren't really dying. I think people have that misconception a lot, but they're still around. People still go to them. A lot of people like to feel and see the things that they're buying, instead of pictures online, she said.

Schreck will continue to host the rally through October.

Towne West is also hosting free summer movies twice a month. For details, click here.