Reno County man back in hospital after accident but recovering


A Reno County man is back in the hospital Saturday after more surgery to fix issues from his farming accident in October.

Brian Miller and his wife Amanda found themselves back in a hospital room, with Brian recovering from yet another surgery. In October, he was planting wheat when he had to get out of his tractor. He thought he had stopped the tractor, but when he got out it kept moving and his equipment ran him over, doctor's telling him when he got to the hospital, they didn't know if he would live.

"There were a few moments in there where we were not sure what the outcome was looking like," Miller said.

After several surgeries for broken bones, and mangled intestines, he made a miraculous recovery. However, it was stomach pains that brought Miller back for more surgery.

"I was a little disappointed when she told me some of what could be wrong, the doctor, um, not things I wanted to hear per se," he said.

Those stomach pains forced doctor's to perform surgery and remove part of his bowel, repair some leftover damage, and remove and infected abscess.

His wife has been by his side throughout the entire thing, saying she hopes for the roller coaster ride of emotions to come to an end.

"It's been the worst time of my life," she said. "But it's also had so many unexpected blessings along with it."

After this surgery, another unexpected blessing occurred according to Miller.

"Turned out I guess," he said.

Doctor's told them they expect this to be their last surgery.

"That feels awesome," he said. "That's what we were hoping for this whole time so knowing that we're hopefully just trying to work it out, get healthy again and be done with it."

Today in the hospital room, Brian and Amanda smiled and laughed with one another and Amanda's parents.

"Laughter's good, that's how we roll," Amanda Miller said.

She said it was like that through the hard times as well.

"It just kind of increases the celebration for everyday as it comes, like, normal days are awesome, and so just finding the joy in little moments like that."

She also said she wants to give full credit to the support from family, friends and the community.

"Just that fact that people are still dedicated to joining with us in this journey through the bad times and the good times," she said. "I think that's what the real focus of the story should be."

Miller said he does not know exactly when he will get out of the hospital, but he thinks it will be some time next week.