Early MVP of the Shrine Bowl? Pratt's Travis Theis

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Travis Theis had a stellar career on the football field at Pratt High School. He'll rep the Greenbacks one last time in this weekend's Shrine Bowl, and before the game is even played he's already in the running for MVP. 

"He's used to the spotlight being on him," said West Team assistant and Pratt head coach Jamie Cruce.

Theis finished his career at Pratt with more than 100 total touchdowns and won a state title. Channeling his inner Greenback, Theis etched his named into the history books off the field as well.

"It looks just about how it feels. It doesn't feel great," said Theis. 

Last Friday, Theis and 10 friends pilled onto a rope swing. 

"Last summer we got nine people on it," said Theis. "Just having a good time and seeing how many we could get, and we were like 'hey we got to get more'. Once we had enough guys, we had a bunch of guys come out. We had 12 dudes." 

"I thought the rope was going to break or the tree branch was going to break," said Cruce. "That's just a fun group of kids that were doing something pretty interesting and I guess it's blown up." 

The internet took notice of the group of dudes just being dudes, And Theis' tweet has nearly three million views. 

"It's still going," said Theis. "So it's pretty funny."

"Travis asked me hey did you see that video that I posted? A lot of people are watching it, so I watched it and that was pretty neat," said Cruce. "Of course most of those kids played football for me."

After the Shrine Bowl Theis will take his football and rope swinging talents to South Dakota.