Text & Die: Drivers cited for distracted driving

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The number of texting while driving citations continue to increase in Wichita.

Since the law took effect in 2011, the number of citations have have increased from double digits to triple digits.

During the first year, there were 33 tickets, while there were 188 ticket issued last year. 

From Jan. 1 to May 19 of this year, there were 67 tickets issued.

While the number of texting while driving citations have increased, the number of careless driving citations have been decreasing since 2011. There were 2,748 tickets issued for careless driving (subsection a) in 2011, and 1,039 citations in 2018.

"With the technology that we have now, we can discern not just that they're using their phone but in what capacity were they using the phone. Were they using social media? Were they texting? Were they talking? So, when we pull records, we can see that," said Todd King, attorney at the Accident Recovery Team.

In Wichita, it is illegal to type, send or read from your phone while driving. You can view the ordinance by clicking here.

"There are death cases. Let's not gloss over this. Let's admit it. Texting and driving kills people," said King.

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