'Adulting 101' classes are teaching high school seniors practical skills

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Jewel Jackson via WFPL Jewel Jackson via WFPL

You learn a lot in high school, but how to be an adult isn't always on the lecture list. That is unless you go to Fern Creek High School in Louisville, Kentucky.

WHAS reports the seniors are going through a crash course this week on all things adulting. 

College Access Resource teacher Sara Wilson-Abell, who came up with the idea, she said her goal is to get students a step ahead before they step into the real world.

"I have conversations with these students all of the time and I'm kind of like, 'Oh man, we should probably address some of these things,'” she told the Louisville ABC affiliate. "When these kids walk out of our doors in June and graduate, I want to make sure they're equipped with the knowledge of some everyday life skills. They are done with their finals, so they're already here. I figured what better way to spend their time than to make sure they're learning some valuable skills, and they're getting more equipped for the future."

Monday’s topics tackled retirement, basic banking and loans, budgeting, leases and insurance. To make it more relatable, the school is setting up games in the styles of Life, Price is Right and Family Feud.

"It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about retirement even though I'm just now turning 18. It's important because I want to start saving now so that way hopefully I can retire a little bit earlier,” senior Adam Kenworth said. "I'm really excited and hoping to find a job with a pension and not a 401K."

Tuesday’s theme was home and health. Fern Creek alumni and Master Chef Gerron Hurt judged a "Dorm Room Food Challenge” during which teachers and students paired up to make a dish from a pantry of dorm room style food.

They also learned basic car maintenance like checking oil and changing a flat tire. 

Wednesday tackled how to be a professional, with UPS helping with resumes and interview training.