Days of standing water concern north Wichita residents

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The side streets in Michael Sampson’s neighborhood are still covered with water but he said it’s nothing compared to photos he took near Sherwood Glen weeks ago.

“The water stands longer and longer because there’s less drainage,” he said. “Here, it’ll stand at least a day, maybe more.”

Sampson recently that water has been standing… a lot more. Days at a time.

“You get up there with sidewalk and it’s got not place to go,” he said.

He and other residents said the drainage system was so bad, a lot of it spilled into their homes, too. There was carpeting and other furniture piled in driveways because it was soaked by flood water.

And he fears it could happen again soon with more rain in the forecast.

City crews said they’re working, even on sunny days, to make sure drainage systems in the area are prepared for more rain.

“There are areas of the city where storm sewers become overtaxed,” said Don Henry, assistant director of public works. “But give it some time, it goes back down.”

He said the city often fines debris blocking drainage and has to remove it before the water can go down.

“The key is just to be prepared,” he said.

Neighbors in the areas mentioned just wish they would stop seeing floodwater on their side streets for so long.

“Depending on how much water we’ve got… we’ve been here five years and it does this every time we get a substantial rain,” Sampson said.

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