Crime trend: kids involved in vandalism cases

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Shattered glass still litters streets in an east Wichita neighborhood hours after Jan Jayne says she heard the windows of her van being smashed in.

"There was a kid at the end of my blue van with a baseball bat, and I yelled out, 'don't you dare do that," says Jan Jayne.

She says he swung the bat again, hitting another one of her vehicles, dropped the bat, and ran.

"I would have tackled him if I could have," says Jayne.

Four other cars were hit before Jayne's neighborhood woke up and called 911. Wichita police say they arrested three teens, ages 13, 14 and 18 early Tuesday morning for the crimes. 

"We have actually had a crime trend similar to vandalism, some of which you can see behind me last week, so we put together some data," says WPD Officer Anthony Villejas.

Police say in the last two weeks, they've had a total of 10 similar cases. Vandalism at the Edgemoor Park Recreation Center, a church and 12 vehicles with damaged windows. Now, they're working to see whether or not they're all related.

"We're looking at a lot of windows, a lot of money, for a lot of people that didn't deserve for that to happen to them," says Officer Villejas.

"It's scary. It is scary that kids are doing more and more crimes, younger and younger," says Jayne.

Police say during the summer months, it's common to see kids committing crimes.

"I can't really think that it would be boredom, because this is the most technologically advanced generation that we have in this world, so we just need to figure out some way to keep them occupied," says Officer Villejas.

Neighbors spent all day patching what they could, but now, they'll have to come up with the money to replace them.

"I think they need to pay restitution to these people," says Jayne. 

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