The city passes a new $20 million dollar aquatic plan

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Wichita public swimming pools that were at risk of closing will undergo improvements. The city council passed the new aquatics plan today, costing about 20 million dollars.

McAdams pools, one of the many pools over 50-years-old in Wichita is one pool with the city's new plan this pool that will get some much needed updates. City council members say this decision will make a lasting impact for generations to come. 

Mary Dean and her community allies are celebrating today after city council members announced the passing of the new aquatic plan, "oh we're elated. We're going to go excitedly with option 3 because it's going to save a lot of pools and a lot of Wichita citizens across the city will enjoy the pools, so we're elated." 

The approved plan will include updating six local pools, converting four pools into splash pads and creating two new splash pads. The city had two other options where only one neighborhood pool would be updated and community members were outraged. 

"We said, heck no. If you can put into city projects downtown and whatever, you can put money into these neighborhoods," said Dean.

City council members are emphasizing the importance of the uniqueness of each updated area and hope elements of art can be incorporated. This project was introduced back in 2011, and planners say it's about time… 

"It's been a long time coming, we're very excited. Especially with all the community support, all the feedback we've got. I'm glad to see the community excited about this plan, i'm glad to see their interest," said Brian Hill, who presented the plan to the city council today.

After two years of advocating for her neighborhood pool, Dean says she never thought this day would come, "there's no reason why all these pools, especially McAdams should lose heritage and history and that's what we came together for. About saving the history of McAdams and we've saved six pools." 

The city should see changes by next summer to at least three pools. Check city pool schedules here.

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