Angry Man Cuts Louis Vuitton Bag Open After Store Staff Judged Him Based On His Clothes


Shopping In Upscale Boutiques

Most people who go shopping in upscale boutiques dressed as if they can afford to shop there. They wear high-end clothes made by high-end designers. There are some people who have the money to shop in these stores, but they don’t like the high-end styles that are available. This is what happened to a man in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This angry man cuts Louis Vitton bag open after store staff judged him based on his clothes.

Pretty Woman

Have you ever seen the movie, Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere? If you have, you must remember the scene when Julia Roberts goes into a high-end clothing store with a pocket full of money, but the women at the store refused to help her. The only outfit that she had to wear to the store was the outfit that she was wearing while working as a prostitute on Hollywood Boulevard. With a little help from a friend, she found a nice woman in a high-end store that was willing to help her. After spending thousands of dollars and looking fabulous in a new outfit, she went back to the store clerk who had turned her away. Since they worked on commission, they realized that they made a mistake. This is a perfect example of the way that store clerks sometimes discriminate against those who don’t look like they have money.

A Trip To the Kuala Lumpur City Center

There is a famous luxury boutique in Kuala Lumpur called Kuala Lumpur City Center. The incredible high-rise City Center is known for upscale fashion malls, luxury hotels, and incredible view from the futuristic Petronas Twin Towers. If you are traveling to the city and you want to shop in the most upscale stores, this is the place to go.

Ismail Ariffin and Zainal Abidin

Ismail and Zainal went shopping at the upscale shopping center with plans to visit just one store. They wanted to go to Louis Vuitton. Three days earlier, the two men went to the store so that Zainal could purchase a very expensive bag. They returned three days later because he wanted to have his name embroidered in the bag. When they walked into the store, they didn’t get the welcome that they were hoping for.

Dressing Casually

The two men went into the store dressed casually. Neither of them felt comfortable in the highly priced, designer clothes that they could afford. The two men preferred to dress comfortably and casually. They never expected that trying to be comfortable would result in them being treated poorly.

The Staff Wasn’t Helpful

When the two men asked to have the name embroidered, they were told that it wasn’t possible. They were worried that it would damage the bag. According to Zainal, it wasn’t their refusal to help them. It was the way that they refused. He says that the staff in the store looked at the two men like they were poor. Zanial said, “You can’t treat me and my friend like monkeys.”

Zainal’s Revenge

Zainal was so angry by the way that he and his friend were treated, they asked the store associate for a pair of scissors. When they handed him the scissors, he starting cutting the bag right in front of them. He says he did it because they thought that their Louis Vuitton bags were greater than the men’s dignity.

The Duffle Bag

Zainal was angry because he felt that he was being treated like a poor man, which he wasn’t. At the time of the incident, he was carrying a Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami Monogramoflauge Duffle Bag. The bag costs over $7,000 United States dollars. If the men could afford a bag that was so expensive, they must have had money. They didn’t understand why the people at the store couldn’t see it.

Posting On Facebook

The men took a video of the incident, and they posted in on Facebook. That wanted their friends to see how poorly they were treated. They never expected the video to go viral. People all over the world were sharing and reacting to the video. Many people commented on the video agreed with the two men.

The Response

One person who commented says that the shop owners act as if they are better than most, but they only make minimum wage. Another Facebook user said that they were told that some boutiques would ask their employees to “scan” the customers to make them feel challenged and end up spending more money at the shop. One anonymous user stood by the shop and said that they didn’t do anything wrong except refuse to perform a service that they knew would be damaging to the bag. Watch the video, and you decide.

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