Tornado shelters provided for drivers along Kansas Turnpike

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Severe weather could make travel tricky for those traveling on the Kansas Turnpike. A Tornado Watch until 10 p.m. Tuesday includes the entire Turnpike from Oklahoma to Kansas City. 

That's why the Kansas Turnpike Authority wants drivers to know it has shelters at nearly all of its plazas for the public to use in an emergency. WDAF reports inside a convenience store at the Lawrence Service Area is a fortified concrete bunker that usually serves as a storage room.

But during a Tornado Warning or other emergency, dozens of people can seek shelter inside.

The Kansas Turnpike Authority in 2015 installed 30 shelters along the 236 miles of toll road. Each shelter is packed with the necessary survival supplies. Including water, a first aid kit, flashlights and a radio. But not all shelters are equal. The size depends on the location.

If you're planning a trip on the Turnpike, you can learn where all of the tornado shelters are located here

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