Ponca City flooding prompts animal rescues, evacuations


Floodwaters are on the rise in Ponca City, Oklahoma, prompting several animal rescues like the one below.

"It's been pretty gut-wrenching today,” said Ponca City resident Ginny Mashburn.

The rushing water has roads looking like lakes, forcing many to evacuate.

"We've moved people out of homes,” Mashburn added. “It's scary. I've never seen Ponca City underwater like this."

The Ponca City News shared these photos of Webb Bar. high water caused it and the road it sits on to collapse.

"The Kaw Dam is kind of what's fueling this,” explained Ponca City Police Department Captain Randy Tyner. “They’re releasing quite a bit of water out of the dam, so we're seeing the effects downstream."

With more rain coming, police are urging people to stay indoors, off the roads and out of the dirty water.

"It's very important,” said resident Mackenzie Laughlin. “You don't know what's floating underneath the water.”

Ponca City officials are reminding drivers that going around barricades is illegal and may result in a fine.