A Corvette for Caleb, raffle for Clearwater family injured in car accident


"One second they're driving to school, and just in a split second, their life changed," says Teresa Kirby.

On an early morning in Clearwater almost three months ago, police believe a vehicle didn't stop at a stop at a stop sign and collided with the Tobias family's car. 

"It was very devastating," says family friend, Kirby.

Kim Tobias, her daughter, Morgan, and a foreign exchange student were all injured. 

Kim's 14-year-old son, Caleb, was riding in the backseat, and his injuries were much worse.

"Speechless that kind of thing happened to a good person," says Caleb's friend, Aiden.

"They've all together went through 17 surgeries together," says Kirby.

Caleb is now in a long-term care center in Nebraska that specializes in head and spinal cord injuries. He's slowing showing signs of improvement.

"We're happy he's breathing on his own, he's said a few words," says Kirby.

The Tobias family is facing a long road ahead, but not without help.

"I wanted to do something, but I didn't know what," says Curtis Tobias, Caleb's great uncle.

After attending a vigil for the family, Tobias racked his brain for ways to help.

"I saw this car and I thought, I can give them a car," says Tobias.

A Corvette for Caleb. The 1984 C4 will be raffled off later this year. 

"It's gonna take a pretty good chunk of money that insurance won't cover," says Tobias.

Caleb's friends are working together to sell raffle tickets and leaning on each other for support.

"I know that we're all in the situation together, so if we can just fight together then we can get through this," says Rocky Hennes, a friend of Caleb's.

The Corvette will be raffled off in September. Tickets are on sale for $20.

They can be purchased in Wichita, Clearwater and Lyons at:

Emprise Bank in Clearwater, Home Bank in Clearwater, and all three locations of Skyward Credit Unions.

For more information on the family or to donate, visit: https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/tobiasfamily