Two officers on administrative leave - closer look at policy

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A tense standoff with Wichita Police ended early Thursday morning, after officers shot and killed a suspect shooting at them.

Police were called to MacArthur’s Lake Apartments near Seneca and I-235 after residents reported hearing gunshots. Officers could not make contact with the suspect but learned he was having a mental health crisis.

Police say the suspect fired more than 30 shots into other apartments and at officers. Two officers each fired once at the suspect – killing him.

Those officers are on administrative leave and KAKE On Your Side is learning more about what happens during that leave.

“It’s going to take time and training to give you the words and tools,” said Deputy Narciso Narvais, with the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office. He trains recruits on defensive tactics. He spoke with KAKE News specifically about procedures after a shooting and not about the current investigation.

“It’s hard for officers to talk about their feelings,” he said. “We say officers, but almost anyone. To share how I thought or feel or what’s going on inside me? In some circumstances right after an incident we may not know.”

Wichita Police have a similar team in place, too. Therapists can be contacted if needed, there’s also extensive group discussions with all officers involved that help in the process, too.

Police took KAKE On Your Side into their response and plan for planning last year.

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