ON YOUR SIDE GETS ANSWERS: KBOR parental leave and Memorial Day sales


In this week's On Your Side Gets Answers, Travis contacted KAKE News about the Kansas Board of Regents Parental Leave policy.

He said he "can't seem to find much information on the paid parental leave policy for KBOR and their employees."

Travis has a child coming this month.

KAKE News learned the new policy was just passed last week, and unfortunately for Travis, it doesn't take effect until July 1st.

It provides that a primary caregiver can receive up to six weeks of paid parental leave, and a secondary caregiver can get up to three weeks, when having a baby or adopting a child.

If you're a KBOR employee and want to know what you're eligible for, contact your HR department.

Memorial Day is almost here, and it's the start of summer sales.

But there is a warning from the Better Business Bureau about ads for "amazing deals" on cars, electronics and more.

Their advice is to look at the fine print. Find out if the "deal" is for the latest model or an older version.

Make sure you know if the percentage a store is discounting a product by is coming from the regular price or a higher price. For instance, is the store taking 30 percent off the regular price of an item, or are they raising the price of the item and discounting that higher amount?

And when you see "warranty" or "guarantee," make sure you know what they cover. Is the lifetime warranty for your lifetime, or is it for the product's lifetime?

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