KAKE NEWS INVESTIGATES SERIES: Kids in Cuffs - "Enough is Enough" when it comes to gang violence

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A team of Wichita police officers is hoping a special video will help deter teens from joining local gangs. 

It's called "Enough is Enough". It was inspired by the new Wichita Police Department's Violent Crime Community Response Team. 

Captain Jeff Gilmore says, "Gang members thrive on instilling fear in the community, but together we can stop this, but it's going to take all of us." 

The video features two parents, Riccardo Harris and Benita Bell. Each lost a son to gang violence." 

"It was the worst day of my life." said Bell. "I never thought I'd get a call stating that my child's been shot." 

Bell's son Debrylan was gunned down by gang members in 2016. Two teenagers are serving time in prison for his murder. 

"We just know he's been shot," said Harris of the night his son had been shot. "We're just praying that he's alive." 

Harris' son Robert Ridge was gunned down by a gang member in 2008. Police later determined Ridge looked at the gang member wrong while at a stop light. 

"It's sad," said Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett. "but a bullet doesn't come back."

Police say more than 2100 documented gang members roam the streets of Wichita, and they're getting younger and younger. 

Officer D.L. Moore says it's frustrating. "I feel like the violence is committed by younger kids. It's becoming more serious." 

Watson and Officer Donald Moore are the inspiration behind the video that's being shown to students in schools, at community centers and on the streets. 

"So we really wanted to work on the prevention aspect," said Watson. "In hopes that we could get it out for several people to see and maybe it'll change the minds of some of these younger men who are thinking about joining gangs."

To view the Wichita Police Department's video, click here.