Cheney Lake opens flood gates

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The flood gates to Cheney Lake were gradually opened Wednesday morning to allow water to flow from Cheney lake into nearby rivers. 

The water level at Cheney reached eight feet above normal by Wednesday morning. 

The gates were opened gradually throughout the morning beginning at 6 a.m. By noon, the gates were fully opened, allowing 30,000 gallons per second to pass through the spillway. 

Even with the release, the lake is still expected to reach a record height of 1,430.5 feet. 

The released water will run through a 15 mile section along the north fork of the Ninnescah River until it meets the south fork. The water capacity in this channel will flow at approximately 2.8 times the normal rate and is expected to overflow by 8 a.m. on Wednesday. The extent of flooding in the north branch is currently undetermined. 

Residents in areas along the river that are prone to flooding should take proper precautions now and be prepared to evacuate to higher ground if necessary. 

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