McPherson residents can resume normal water usage

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Officials in McPherson say previous restrictions placed on the city's water supply have been lifted.

As of 4:45 p.m. on Tuesday, residents throughout McPherson can continue their normal water usage. Public Works Director Jeff Woodward said temporary repairs to the Waste Water Treatment Facility have been completed.

“We are grateful to the many employees from the Waste Water Treatment Facility, BPU and Stevens Contractors of Salina,” said Woodward. “They worked diligently to provide a temporary solution, and all residents will benefit from their efficiency and dedication.”

Updates will be provided on Facebook (McPherson, Kansas) and Twitter (@McPhersonKSInfo). For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 620.245.2545.


City officials in McPherson are advising residents and local industries to "refrain from using water" during the next two to three days. 

Community Information Coordinator Anne Kirchner said the water is safe to drink, but the amount of water going down drains needs to be "drastically" limited.

"Heavy rains and equipment failure at the McPherson Waste Water Treatment Facility are preventing the ability to process water flow properly," Kirchner said in a release. "The plant is processing at less than half the normal capacity."

She said limiting water usage will reduce the strain on the facility's flow and infiltration system. 

"The Public Works Department indicates the only solution available is water conservation and reduced rains. Residents are asked to eliminate daily water use such as showers, toilets, dishes and laundry. All are advised the situation could potentially result in sewer backup into homes."

The city is expected to notify residents when normal water usage can resume. For more information, contact the Public Works Department at (620) 245-2545.

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