Flooding at Cheney Reservoir


U.S. Army Corps of Engineer officials say the Cheney Reservoir is nearing the top of the flood pool Wednesday after recent storms.

In a document from the engineers, it shows the water standing at 1,427.4 feet in elevation, which is one and a half feet below the top of the flood pool. According to Brannan Parrish, the public affairs specialist for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, they expect it to crest at one tenth above that at 1,427.5 feet above elevation. As for draining some of the water, Parrish said it isn't draining very fast, due to more inflow than outflow.

"You have about a 300 cubic foot per second inflow coming into Cheney Reservoir and that's actually being offset by the 250 cubic feet we have going out," Parrish said.

He said they plan to increase that flow of water to 750 cubic feet per second Wednesday, but that will still take some time.

"It's going to be a slow process," he said.

One camper who said he has gone to the reservoir several times was out Wednesday afternoon searching for higher ground to camp on for the weekend.

"I think the water's going to come up more and I didn't bring the pontoons for the camper so I come up a little bit higher," said Jerry Bowlby.

He said he plans on bringing his family with him this time, including his grandchildren, so he said the high water makes him cautious.

"We're going to have some little kids out here, and I guarantee you, for one, I will be watching them kids I promise you that," he said.

He said he wants his grandchildren to enjoy camping with him regardless of the high water.

"We'll make sure we have a good time, if we have to go find a bigger hill," Bowlby said.

However, he said if it floods too much his plans may change.

"If it does flood I'm probably out of here," he said.

With Memorial Day next weekend, and more rain in the forecast, those looking to enjoy nature and go camping may have to look elsewhere according to Brannen Parrish.

"We understand that it's going to impact recreation, we encourage people to look around and see what options are available," he said.

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