Vigil for downtown crash victims

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At a pop up park in Downtown Wichita, pictures of Rosemary McElroy and Maria Wood were set up with empty chairs and flowers set up.  The two were killed in a crash at an intersection nearby on May 5.

The surviving crash victim, Jenny Wood, is still in serious condition. But her family and friends came together to remember them and pray for Jenny Woods’ recovery.

“Why be sad? They both had such amazing lives, so why not celebrate that?” Cat McElroy, Rosemary’s sister and Maria Woods’ granddaughter said. “Jenny has survived and I think she is one of the brightest lights. Not only in the community realm but she’s also so positive.”

The three were in the car, driving to Cat McElroy’s graduation on May 5 when the crash happened. And while the crash has certainly been a dark moment for their family, they’re still remaining positive about the support they’ve received.

“We’re  just taking it day by day,” she said. “Being with friends really makes things better.”

To date, $26,000 has been raised through crowdfunding to pay for the family’s expense stemming from the crash.

Family members also tell KAKE News that Jenny Woods remains in serious condition, but they expect her to continue to improve in the coming days.

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