Wichita church vandalized, pastors vow mission will go on

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A house of worship, became a crime scene overnight just hours after it hosted Sunday services.

Vandals broke in, affecting two congregations connected to each other: Church at the Cross and Great Plains Church.

Pastors Derek Shore and Jim Neice walked into a mess in the place they serve on Monday morning.

Furniture flipped in the lobby, gallons of syrup, barbecue sauce and laundry detergent coating the kitchen floors, valuable equipment damaged, belongings tossed everywhere, a sense of safety now gone.

"I mean just that senseless. What do you do with that," asks Pastor Neice.

Now, the clean up has begun.

"There's a scripture that says God can work all things for good for those that love him and serve him according to his purposes," says Pastor Neice.

Still the vandalism comes at a pivotal time for the church, as they're getting ready to open a food pantry to the public on Sunday. A friend is encouraging them with to keep going, with this text.

"Perhaps the enemy is working overtime against the worthy work of your food pantry. Thankful for your perseverance, brother."

Not surprising, these men of God have compassion for the vandals and their well-being.

"The first thing that we did was to pray for the people that did it..they're on a dangerous track. This is child's play. But what's next," asks the Pastors.

If you'd like to help, they will welcome any donations for the pantry including: 

-Baking mixes that require water only

-Powdered milk


-Spaghetti sauce

-Tomato products

-Canned fruits, vegetables, beans, soups, meats

-Baby diapers

-Pudding/jello, instant

-Pancake mixes

-Flour, Sugar

-Boxed Dinners

-Peanut butter, jelly

-Cereals, instant oatmeal


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