Wichita mom says her Mother's Day wish is to finish home remodel for dying sons

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"It's the last thing I can do for them is make sure their time from now until the end is absolutely happy and filled with peace."

Wichita mom Heather Sims is asking for help as she remodels a home to meet the needs of her sons, Zachary and Seth, who suffer from a rare genetic disease. 

"A lot of moms have the dreams to watch their kid grow up and be successful. That isn't going to be a reality for these two."

The condition is called Spinocerebellar ataxia type 40, and it's terminal. 

"There's no way around it, it ends with funerals," said Sims. 

It affects the brain causing coordination and mobility loss over time. 

The house that the family is currently living in does not meet their needs, so the family bought a new house to make the boys more comfortable. 

Sims said the new home has plenty of space for Zachary and Seth to move around. 

The home is the perfect size for the family, but there are several issues that make the home unsafe to live in. 

The carpets need to be torn out so the boys don't trip, the back patio needs to be repaired, and doorways need to be widened. 

Squatters lived in the home before the family purchased it and ruined parts of the home including the electrical system, cutting out copper. 

"They cut everything that was exposed."

Sims is asking for help from anyone who can donate their time or money. She said she's grateful for the groups and individuals who have already helped out, offering to paint and repair the pool. 

To contact Heather Sims, call 316-519-6859, message her on Facebook by clicking here, or visit the boys' GoFundMe page.

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