Man will stand trial for officer and child's death

James Dalrymple (Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office) James Dalrymple (Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office)

The man police say crashed into a motorcycle carrying an off-duty Wichita officer and his young son, killing them both, will go to trial.

A judge decided that in a preliminary hearing Friday.

In a Sedgwick County courtroom Friday, prosecutors, defense attorneys and witnesses went back through the events of April 27, 2018.

"We followed him. he was in a truck," said a witness, Kim.

That night just over a year ago, investigators say James Dalrymple hit a motorcycle carrying off-duty Wichita Police Officer Stacy Woodson and his young son Braeden.

"The only thing I remember is the impact of the motorcycle hitting the back end of his truck," the witness added.

Dalrymple was charged with involuntary manslaughter and failing to yield the right of way.

During Friday's hearing, deputies who investigated the crash described their process and findings, including testing Dalrymple's blood that night for alcohol.

"I provided him written oral notice at 10:20 (P.M.). Upon finishing reading that is when I requested (a) blood test," said Sedgwick County Sheriff's Deputy Joshua Collins.

According to testimony, Dalrymple's blood alcohol level three hours after the crash was .044 percent, about half the legal limit.

A toxicologist estimated at the time of the crash, it would have been over the legal limit.

Prosecutors say Dalrymple had been drinking that day, possibly at his son's ballgame, and that it impaired his driving.

But Dalrymple's attorney argued there were too many assumptions about his alcohol consumption and not enough evidence.

"A dubious scientific--let's imagine what it might have been three hours beforehand and apply it to James. That's it," said Attorney Kurt Kerns.

But it wasn't enough, and a judge decided Dalrymple will go to trial.

His next appearance in court is set for June 25th.