90-year-old man graduates from college: 'It's never too late'

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A 90-year-old man made history this week when he became the oldest graduate on record at Northern Illinois University. 

"I am curious by nature," Bob Dwyer told WLS.

It is a trait that fired his ambition to finally get a degree after life -- signing up for the army, getting married, having a successful career -- got in the way. 

Dwyer traveled the world in the fasteners business. But after retiring at 80, he missed more intense human interaction, especially after losing his wife, Peggy, in 2010. 

"Because you were interested in things, you were moving around, you were going places talking to people - I think all of those things keep your body active and your mind active," he explained. 

The Chicago ABC station reports Dwyer completed university's interdisciplinary program over the last two years. 

Dwyer's nine kids and most of his 22 grandchildren attended the commencement Monday.

Northeastern Illinois University has been around for 152 years. In that time, it's pretty safe to say that nobody older than Dwyer has ever graduated, certainly not since records began being kept in 1962. 

His message to others looking to get a degree later in life? "It's never too late."