Travelers stuck as flood waters close Kansas Turnpike

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The Kansas Turnpike, southbound, has been reopened, south of Wellington. Northbound remains closed.

Belle Plaine police report that US-81 is closed going northbound out of Belle Plaine. K-55 east, towards Udall, is the route for drivers going to Wichita.


Flood waters completely covered the Kansas Turnpike, making it impossible for travelers, like Courtney Greenwood to pass through.

"The sides of the highway were starting to fill up with water. Looked very flooded. Trees were starting becoming under water. We're thinking 30 minutes, I think this is gonna be completely covered," says Greenwood.

And she was right. The Kansas Turnpike completely closed from Wellington to the Oklahoma state line in both directions.

"Oh, great. We just want to get home," says Greenwood.

Other travelers also had no idea they'd have to find another way home until they got to an exit near Wellington, where they were forced to get off the highway.

"I was surprised when I got here how much rain was coming down," says Timothy Thury.

The good news for those travelers...None of them were stranded. They all found detours, but  not without adding extra time to their trips.

"We've gotta keep going north. It made a seven hour trip into a 10 hour now," says Morgan Littlesun.

I-35 remains closed from Wellington to the Oklahoma state line in both directions.

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