Augusta flooding victim tells his family's story

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An Augusta resident experienced flooding Tuesday night at his home due to the recent severe storms throughout the state.

Matthew Brazell and his wife and son had to a break from cleaning what the flood left behind around and in their house Wednesday afternoon.

"There's a lot of property damage inside with like, my gun safe was in the utility room and all of her school work and computers and stuff and deep freeze," Brazell said.

According to Brazell, water covered his front and back yard before coming into his home. By his shed in the backyard he said one side of it was under about six to seven inches of water while the other side was under a couple inches since it sits higher.

After hearing the hard rain he said he looked outside his bedroom door and saw water every where.

"It was just an inch below getting ready to come in the house," he said.

He decided to get in his skid steer to drive around and see how bad the damage and flooding was. He went to a church down the street and said it was flooding as well. He said his sons toys in the backyard were floating off and his trash cans floated down the street from his home.

He wanted to get his wife and son out of the house but he couldn't because it started flooding into the utility room. Her parents live in Rose Hill and it was flooding there to according to Brazell. So, he let his son sleep knowing that it wasn't in the main parts of the house yet.

"Until it would have got into the floor in the house, then we decided to let him sleep in his crib," Brazell said.

As for the utility room, he said it was covered in water next to their washer, dryer and gun safe. Brazell posted a video on Snapchat that showed water throughout the room. Wednesday he put dehumidifiers in there along with fans to dry the damp carpet. He also put fans next to their crawl space because it was still flooded.

"We were really lucky," he said. "Because if it would have just gotten two inches more then the entire house would have been damaged, the whole thing."

Brazell and his wife gathered belongings, like family pictures, his wife's nursing school supplies and guns from their gun safe. He said with more rain in the forecast and the possibility of worse flooding they are staying somewhere else Wednesday night. However, in the midst of the damage he wants his family to stay positive.

"Things are replaceable people aren't," he said. "We got flood insurance so, not that it's cool that it happened but, you know, let's just kind of laugh about it a little bit get an assessment of the damage, take some pictures and figure it out from there you know."