"It's a blessing" - Marion County residents find silver lining in flooding

Some folks in Marion County woke up to police at their door, telling them to evacuate.

"It's crazy, because I was here two days ago, and it was down, down," said Breanna Mallory, who lives in Florence.

As Kansas was pounded by another round of severe weather, our cameras saw what a third day of heavy rain did to Marion County.

"We're seeing a lot of high water. We've had to evacuate one area of town," said Police Chief Bruce Burke, of the Peabody Police Department.

In Peabody, five families were forced to gather their things and leave or risk being caught in dangerous flooding.

"We've already had a couple of water rescues during the night in the county. I hope we don't have any of that here," said Chief Bruce.

Despite warnings, drivers risked high waters on Highway 50 Wednesday morning.

By noon on Wednesday, U.S. 50 was closed.

Despite the severity of the situation, many are finding the silver lining.

"Friends and neighbors all pitch in and get things done. It's a blessing," said Leonard Ellis, from Florence.