VA mistake floods local woman with phone calls

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Auriel Calvert answers phone calls for a living, but she doesn't work for the Department of Veterans Affairs, which she's been forced to field calls for since last week.

"They were calling like, 'is this the VA's office? I need to talk to you about my benefits.' I was like, no, this isn't the VA's office," says Calvert. 

A letter from the Robert J. Dole Veterans Center was sent out to thousands of veterans, explaining changes to new healthcare services. 

The first line of the letter reads in part, "Let's be honest with each other, and I'll start - the VA hasn't always been the best at providing a "Wow!" experience. For that, I apologize." A few paragraphs down, the VA lists a number for veterans to call for help. The only problem, the number isn't to the VA.

"It's been over a hundred, two hundred calls easily," says Calvert. 

Calvert says she's gotten so many calls that she's put her phone on "do not disturb" and changed her voicemail to explain the mistake.

Her voicemail now says, "Hi, this is actually the number for Ariel Calvert. The VA has misprinted the number.."

Calvert says, "It's been helping. The calls have been cutting back a little bit, but sometimes they don't get to my voicemail to know if it's not the right number."

The VA responded to the misprint, saying in part, "The medical center is aware of the incorrect pone number included in the letter. We have discussed the situation with the person whose number was included."

"They've apologized at least three or fours times today," says Calvert. 

Calvert says she isn't mad, in fact, she's actually helping connect the VA with the veterans who have called. 

If you received this letter and are trying to get in contact with the VA, the correct number is 316-469-0700.