Summer job outlook is positive for young people

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There are various summer and part-time roles available for young people in the community.

"Right now the economy is doing well. So, we're actually seeing employers able to get a plethora of applicants going. We're actually seeing youth go out and finding their own jobs. They're not having to rely on us as much," said Alix Kofoed, work experience supervisor for the Workforce Alliance.

Fast food restaurants, such as Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, are hiring young people.

"I think it's going to be a better summer," said Stacey Kluge, human resources director for Freddy's. "There's a lot of opportunity. There's a lot going on in Wichita. For that, we are going to see a spike in our employment in the community."

The Workforce Alliance conducts a Youth Employment Program that assists young people with skills needed in the workforce.

Last year, they served 800 in the program and over 600 have signed up this year.

"We're going to teach you how to get a job, how to keep a job, financial literacy," said Kofoed.

He hopes to solve a problem that was experienced by employers last summer.

"One of the problems that we had last year was phone etiquette. We'd go in deep detail about phone etiquette, making sure you have voicemail on your phone, making sure that your voicemail isn't full," said Kofoed.

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