Space and time running out for dogs at Kansas Humane Society


Space and time are running out for sick dogs at the Kansas Humane Society.

More than a dozen animals have kennel cough, and because of a state law, the shelter cannot adopt-out the dogs.

Kennel cough is a virus that can spread easily to other dogs that haven't been vaccinated with bordetella.

"It's kinda like the flu shot," explains Karla James, a volunteer at the Kansas Humane Society and foster. "You can still get the flu, it's always a possibility, but if you get it, it's usually less and doesn't last as long."

James will tell you it's not a big deal.

She says most dogs take a week or two, and they're back to normal.

"Other than that, they're not sick, there's not really anything wrong with them," James says.

Under state law, the Humane Society can't let you adopt a dog with kennel cough.

That's been in effect for 30 years, but this year, KHS says, is the first time the law is being enforced.

And now the shelter's isolation kennels, where they keep contagious dogs, are full.

"So once those 17 kennels are full, I don't have a place for them to go," explains Mark Eby, President and CEO of the Kansas Humane Society.

Under the law, the only option for KHS is to foster its sick dogs.

And without enough foster "parents," time for those dogs might be running out.

"The only other option at this point right now unless we change the state laws is to euthanize them, and we don't want to euthanize them," admits Eby. "That's our last choice for any dog, especially one that has kennel cough, that's just a cold."

If you're interested in fostering one of the dogs, contact the Kansas Humane Society:, or (316) 220-8713.