Fallen Kansas officers to be added to the National Law Enforcement Memorial

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Engravers in Washington, D.C. are in the process of adding 371 names to the National Law Enforcement Memorial. The list includes three Kansas officers killed last year and one who died in 1920. 

Among those being honored are Sheriff's Deputies Robert Kunze, Patrick Rohrer, Theresa King, and Officer Christopher Morton, who has Kansas ties. 

Sedgwick County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Kunze was shot and killed in 2018 while attempting to arrest a suspect. The suspect shot Kunze, he fired back and killed the suspect, potentially saving the lives of nearby witnesses. 

Wyandotte County Sheriff's Deputies Patrick Rohrer and Theresa King were killed when a suspect they were escorting grabbed a gun and killed them both. 

Officer Christopher Morton was killed in March of 2018 in Clinton, Missouri when responding to a domestic disturbance. Morton has family in Wichita. 

In 1920, Jefferson County Undersheriff George Burnau died of a heart attack while chasing a suspect on foot. 

"It really represents real people with fathers, mothers, sons, daughters.  Each person has a story so it's not really static.  It's an ongoing process recognizing the individuals whose names appear on the wall," said National Law Enforcement Fund Interim CEO Lori Sharpe Day. 

Two Colorado men have engraved every single name on the memorial.  "We're trying to do, technically, the right work cause really you get one shot at it and you know, I think of the names and I think of the survivors, you know, husbands, wives, brothers and their suffering," said Jim Lee. 

All five names will be added to the wall ahead of National Police Week which begins on Sunday, May 12.