Mother thankful after Wichita couple helps save baby who had seizure on flight


Janay Flowers holds her 11-month-old daughter Nevaeh a little tighter tonight.

"Are you the cutest baby?" she smiled. 

During a Skype interview from San Antonio, Texas, Flowers tells of one of the scariest moments of her life. It was a flight from Florida to Texas last week when Nevaeh starting having a fever-induced seizure.

Flying alone and scared, she called out for help. 

That's when Tiffany Lehman and Alvin Dotson from Wichita sprung into action.

"She grabbed the baby up; you could just see the heat coming off of her," said Dotson.

Lehman's a nurse and Dotson used to be an emergency medical technician. Working together, he grabbed water and ice while Lehman worked on cooling down the infant. 

"She had on a onesie so we took the onesie off of her. She was down to just a diaper. He got back with the ice packs so we started putting ice packs in the hot spots, so under the arms, in the groin, behind the neck trying to cool her down," Lehman explained. "I had a wet wipe out wiping her down, trying to cool her down when she was seizing." 

That's when things took a turn for the worse.

 "I hear that my baby's turning blue and I see that she doesn't look good," Flowers recalled.

Baby Nevaeh stopped breathing.

"I didn't know if I was going to get her back or not," said Lehman. "I faltered for just a second and didn't know, but I looked at Janay and looked at him and kept doing what I needed to do." 

A few seconds later she started breathing again.