Standoff in Hutchinson ends peacefully, no one hurt

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A standoff in Hutchinson this afternoon lasting hours, forcing some residents to evacuate, has ended in a surrender. 

Hutchinson police say this started over the noon hour when the man living in that house, was walking around out here, yelling and he was armed with a hand gun and some sort of long gun.

By the time police got there they say the man had gone back inside the home he shares with his parents and wouldn't come out. 

That's when officers say they shut down the streets and evacuated nearby homes for safety - before bringing in the Hutchinson Police and Reno county emergency response team.

A negotiator managed to get the man's parents to come out one at a time, then the man himself over a period of about five hours.

"Well first of all, there was like six swat member,one was on top.... so he was just talking to him, telling him to come out and then they just asked him a couple times, they just wanted to talk to him and then finally he cam out and there was no fight at all, he just surrendered or whatever. I mean it's a good thing that he just gave up," says Jack Wilbur, witness. 

Police say the man in question is now in police protective custody and going for a mental evaluation. They do not expect any criminal charges at this time.

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