Creek Stone Farms adding jobs


Creek Stone Farms is adding about 250 jobs in 2019 to their plant in Arkansas City because of a partnership with Walmart that will let them process their cattle.

The partnership was announced in a press release Thursday from Walmart stating that they wanted to enter the beef industry.

"They want to procure their cattle, own them, and then put the cattle to their stores for consumers," said Ken Robinson, director of food safety and quality assurance for Creek Stone Farms.

Walmart will send their cattle to Arkansas City where they will be custom processed under a Walmart label. In the release it also said that Walmart wants to create an end to end supply chain that is transparent to their customers.

According to Robinson workers for the new employment will come from the local area and from farther distances. One current employee is getting ready for the big influx of new employees, but he said the community is going to benefit from it.

"I think it's a great deal," said Trace Nuckles, grading manager at Creek Stone Farms. "It's good for the community, it's going to keep jobs, here in Ark City, the longevity is great."

With the new employees, Ken Robinson said the plant is undergoing construction to accommodate them.

"It includes a distribution center, coolers and processing lines to accommodate that big number," he said.

Trace Nuckles said although new employees means more cattle and people to manage, he's ready for the changes to take place.

"More people, more cattle, more time, It's going to be a good challenge," Nuckles said.

According to Ken Robinson, the company has done other things in the past to benefit them such as a recent buyout of another company. So he said this just adds to building toward their future.

"The addition of having Walmart as a customer is just kind of icing on the cake," he said.

The partnership is also set to create about 200 jobs at their Creek Stone plant in Georgia.